Leading the way with the best import, export, and trading practices

TBR Tradings Pvt Ltd (India) was incorporated in 2021, and our main business focus is wholesale, retail, import, and export of fast moving consumer goods. We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and suppliers not only to provide immediate and reliable services but to continually exceed expectations and goals. TBR Tradings represents high-quality products and brands that deliver value for money combined with innovation, taste and nutrition. With an exceptional range of product categories, we cater to the needs of our customers.

Our subsidiary companies in Brunei and Singapore has gained our reputation with an expereince of over 20-years of establishment. Having been in the business for 20 years, it has built a sterling reputation in the market as a reputable import-exporter as well as a B2B and B2C trader of FMCGs (fast-moving consumer goods) of the finest quality. We import a wide range of FMCGs (food and non-food items) from all over the world, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, and so on, and export FMCGs (mainly food items) to Dubai and Africa. We are also an active and a leading distributor with objectives to serve a broad range of industries, including convenient shops, supermarkets, and hospitality indistry covering the supply of a diversified range of products. Currently, TBR Tradings Pvt Ltd is gearing towards an aggressive expansion phase in Indian market.

We work based on the quality distribution channels that bring together a set of interdependent marketing institutions that participate in the marketing activities involved in the movement of goods or services from the primary producers to ultimate consumers. It is a path traced in the direct or indirect transfer of ownership of a product as it moves from producers to consumers.

Channels of Distribution

We transfer the products through our high-quality distribution network from the manufacturers to the ultimate consumers. The channel members such as merchant agents, wholesalers, and retailers are middlemen in distribution, and they perform all marketing functions. These middlemen facilitate the process of exchange and create time, place and possession utilities through the matching and sorting process. The sorting process enables meeting or matching the supply with consumer demand, and such a network helps us ensure an uninterrupted supply of superior quality products.

Physical Distribution

Our physical distribution department takes care of the goods handling and ensures quality customer service. Our team of logistic experts work with the aim of delivering the suitable goods in the proper quantity. The activities that come under the physical distribution are as follows. Our team start processing order by checking and verifying all details and then start the packing process with quality packaging. We have quality warehousing and transportation facilities to provide goods on time. Our inventory control system and customer support team look after the service delivery with the best satisfaction by meeting customer desire and demand.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the leading FMCG distributors all over India and then sell our products in all the groceries, stores, and supermarkets across India and the international market. We aim to study the distribution channels of each brand and their products in detail to understand the pros and cons before entering the market. Having always been dedicated to providing the best to the consumer, we aim to reach for the sky as we believe that it is where the limit lies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best in the food and non-food segment. We work hard on finding brands that offer distinctive products to our progressive consumers. Moving fast on the path to fulfilling aspirations with a global approach, we also aim to deliver the best returns to society, consumers, and our stakeholders.

Our Objectives

To study the distribution channels of each brand and their products in detail to understand the pros and cons before entering the market.

To do specific surveys regarding the performance of third parties and their products in different areas.

To study the distributor's attitude towards each product.

Analyze the customers and competitors for building effective sales strategies for each market.

To identify the scope for improvement regarding the effectiveness of each distribution network.